How to know if you’re creating your art from a healthy or a hurting space

Following our on-campus presentations we will follow up with blogs or Vlogs containing addition notes, links, media and more in-depth info. There is no reason not to know whether your art stems from or causes hurt. Creating art from pain is not a bad thing as it helps you take your angst and turn it into something creative, but if you do not address the pain your art will always be one dimensional and never flourish as you will never create art from a different place. We’ve all be hurt and some of us allow the people and things that hurt us a continuous place in our hearts and minds. We’re not here to judge. Roll with us for a little while and see if there is another way for you. Art is after all art. Do not be afraid to explore it from all angles. Being mentally healthy – out of pain – will not keep you from drawing on those experiences, but it will be from a healthy and much safer perspective. Even if you reach back into the shadows create your art in the light where it can be seen and enjoyed no matter how dark it is.


Welcome and feel free to comment post and grow with us. We will be forever expanding offering new ways to share you passion. Whether its art or a better way to create it, we’re counting on you to help us help others do the same. It takes a village. Don’t hold back. We’re all looking to see what you’ve got.